DOY 10 Toothbrushes.jpg


One time, to our horror, my brother and I discovered that we had been using the same toothbrush. Each thought the red toothbrush was his/hers and that the blue toothbrush belonged to the other, you get the idea.

Shouting ensued. Accusations were hurled. There was much crying and some violence over this toothbrush. It got ugly. Mom was dragged in to settle the dispute. Being the wise woman that she is Mom decided, “We’ll put the toothbrushes in boiling water to sanitize them and then redistribute in some anonymous way.” No one was happy with the ‘redistribution’ idea. What if the other person ends up with the toothbrush? Fortunately for her, that part never happened, as she did not pour boiling water over them but rather put them in a pot of boiling water. And then she walked away.

When she returned, the toothbrushes, being plastic, had melted until they resembled nothing so much as knobby tree branches sprawling out over the edge of the pot.

It was brilliant! Like Solomon and the baby. Only neither my brother nor I had selflessly said, “No, no! Don’t boil the toothbrushes! He/she can have it!” Instead we both said, “Yeah! Boil ‘em! Chop that baby to bits!” And the baby got cut in half and neither of us got it. Which worked, cause neither of us were angry that the other person ended up with it. And also, no actual babies were killed. It was even more perfect because my mom had plausible deniability for the whole thing, as she did not actually intend to melt the toothbrushes. (Or so she has always claimed…).

To be clear, we both got new toothbrushes. Because Mom cares about dental hygiene and not just about administering justice.


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