DOY 18 Runnin'


The hole inside of me is me
Where I’m supposed to be

Not you, not he, not God
Can fill the gap where I should be

I’ve run, I’ve hid for all these years
Too afraid, too many fears
Of what I’d find if I should shine
The light on me

Guess I thought it was wasted
The inside spaces
Guess I thought she was useless
Who’d want to be her friend?

Guess I wasn’t sure what I would fine
In that inside space that’s mine
And what if she wasn’t worth it?
So I hid

Make it about other people
Don’t make it about yourself
Keep on runnin’, runnin’, runnin’
Just keep it spinnin’, spinnin’, spinnin’

If someone asks
Just turn around
Just shove it down, down, down
And never slow down

And you can keep yourself hidden
That’s how I did it
Move so fast you can’t see you

But don’t start running like I did
Cause it’s harder to unrun
It’s harder to unspin
It’s harder to see yourself
After all these years
And you don’t even know what you look like


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